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Sheffield Property Shop

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On-line access to Social Housing in Sheffield


Welcome to the Property Shop

Welcome to the Property Shop, Sheffield City Council's website for allocating Council and partner Housing Association properties for rent in Sheffield. Properties that are available will be advertised each week.

To begin using this site and place bids on properties, please complete the 2 part on-line application:

1 - First register your household.

2 - Apply for Social Housing.

Once your completed application is received, we will carry out relevant checks to validate your information.

You will be required to submit Identification and reference documents as part of the registration process.

Please click the link below for further information on the application process, references, and a list of acceptable I.D documents:

Step 1 - Registration

Click below to log in to your account, create a new rehousing application, update an existing application or complete your annual review:

       Login My Account              Register New Application



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Upgrade to the Sheffield Property Shop

New Property Shop website

Since our online system was introduced we have been listening to your feedback to make improvements to the Sheffield Property Shop website.

In the past we have made some minor changes but we have recently been working on a significant upgrade to how the website looks and, more importantly, how easily it can be used by our customers.

We have concentrated particularly on the areas which you found most difficult to use and have been working to make this better. With this is mind, we are now in a position to introduce an updated, new look, Sheffield Property Shop website.

This update includes:

  • A modernised screen design and layout.
  • A simpler and shortened online housing registration form.
  • Re-designed property adverts showing any additional charges, such as district heating, payable on the property.
  • Clearer and simplified navigation of the menu from the home screen which makes it easier to find important information.
  • Quick and easy method for you to update your contact details instantly.

The new site will launch on 26/01/2017.

In preparation for this, the Sheffield Property Shop website will be unavailable on 25/01/2016. You will therefore be unable to create a new application, update your details or place bids on this day. If you need to move urgently, you should contact us on 0114 2930000 or 0114 2053333.

This upgrade does not affect your current housing application if you are already registered with us. You do not need to do anything with your application in order to use the new site, just log in as normal with your reference number and memorable date.

We hope you find the new site easier to use and we’d welcome any feedback you might have about the new layout.


Introduction of References

ReferencesCustomers applying to join the Housing Register will now need to provide us with a tenancy reference.

The new requirement is part of the Council’s Allocations Policy and brings our procedures in line with other social landlords in the region.

It will give us information about a person’s tenancy history and help us:

  • Have a better understanding of our prospective tenants.
  • Have a better understanding of any support needs new customers may have.
  • Advise customers about the housing options available to them.
  • Be aware of previous tenancy issues customers have been responsible for.
  • Decide whether to prevent some customers joining the Housing Register based on their previous behaviour.

Most new applicants will have to provide us with a tenancy reference. People who haven’t rented a property before can provide other types of references.

References should be submitted using the Sheffield City Council template available to download.

Please use this link for more information on ReferencesRegistration

There is information available in our public offices and housing staff can answer questions or provide advice.

If you need any help with this please call us on 0114 205 3333.


IDMade changes to your application?

If you have made changes to your application you may need to provide I.D. If I.D is required we will write asking you to provide this.

Please use this link for the list of acceptable I.D documents: I.D 

Any I.D must be provided within 28 days of submitting the application or updating your details or your application will be cancelled and you will be required to submit it again.

You should take the I.D to a First Point or Housing Office. We will keep copies of your I.D whilst you are on our waiting list for a property to ensure against tenancy and housing benefit fraud.

If you are on the register for a long time, we may write to you and ask you to reproduce some current I.D, at which point we will delete the previous I.D from our systems.

Once you access a property with Sheffield City Council and have been a tenant for 6 months, we will destroy all copies of your I.D.

Universal Credit logoHousing Benefit Changes


Important NoticeAnyone signing up for a tenancy from 1st April 2016 will have Housing Benefit / Housing Element of Universal Credit restricted from 1st April 2018.

It is important you consider this before taking a tenancy and only bid for properties that you will be able to afford.

Benefit will be capped depending on the size of your household, not the size of the property. To find out which cap will apply to your household there is a rate for each household size,  called the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate.

Your household size is worked out by taking into account the age, sex and number of members of your household in the same way as the benefit calculation works now for the “bedroom tax”. So if you are only eligible for housing benefit for a 2 bed property, your benefit from 1st April 2018 will be capped at the 2 bed LHA rate.

More information including the cap amounts can be found here: Benefit Changes (79.86kb PDF)

Please visit this website to search for local housing allowance rates: Directgov website (This link will open in a new window)




Do you find the property shop website easy to use?

Want to give feedback on your customer service experience?

Please could you complete our short online survey?

We value your comments which will help us to improve our service delivery. Please leave your name and contact details so that we can respond to you.

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Housing AssociationsHousing Association Information

Download the latest 2016 guide and contact info:

Housing Association guide  (272 kb PDF)


 Call Centre phone numbers




Council Housing Service address





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Call 0808 808 2241 or for more information please vist our website HERE







Adobe GifSome information is presented in PDF (Portable Document Format). To view these documents you will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader. (This link will open in a new window)

 Credit Union

Council Housing Service



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