Register your household

Household registration

Information about your household registration

Before you can complete an application to join the Housing Register, advertise your property for Mutual Exchange or apply for a Garage, you will need to register yourself as a new household on the system. Once complete you will then be able to select the types of application you wish to make.

Information about you and your joint applicant

It is essential that you answer all the questions accurately in the following sections otherwise we will not be able to register your application. If someone else is applying with you as a joint applicant, you will also be able to complete all their details during this registration.

Information about splitting from an existing social housing application

If you are completing this registration as you would like to split from a current housing application i.e. remove yourself as the main or joint applicant, you must do the following:

• Continue to re-register yourself to use this site
• Complete a new social housing application and confirm on there that you want to be removed from any other application where you are a main or joint applicant

You will not lose your original waiting time as this will be carried forward as part of our approval process. If you have any questions, please contact us on 2734567 or visit Sheffield Property Shop, Howden House or your local Area office.