How Do I Apply to Join the Housing Register?

Sheffield has an online registration process. This is a two stage application so you will first need to register your details. This is a 4 page application which will allow you to use the website.

Following this, you will need to complete a ‘Social Housing’ application. This is a 10 page application to join the Housing Register itself which will allow you to browse and bid for available properties.

Please ensure you complete all the relevant fields on the application form. Failure to do this could delay your application or lead to it being cancelled.

Please note, ID, proof or address and landlord reference (if appropriate), are required.  Please have these ready to upload before you start filling in your application to join the housing register.

We have a video explaining the process here.

Identification and References

Before applying to join the Housing Register, you must make sure you have the relevant ID ready for uploading, as ID and references should be uploaded at the same time as you submit your online application.  If we do not receive your ID, your application will be cancelled, and you will need to re-apply. In exceptional circumstances we may accept your ID at Howden House, Sheffield Property Shop, but only if you have everything that is required.  If you do not have everything that is required, we will not accept any of your ID and your application will be cancelled.  If you are having difficulties, please contact us on 0114 205 3333 or 293 0000.

Validating Your Application

Once we have received your completed online application, your ID and a valid reference, we will aim to validate your application as quickly as possible so that you are able to browse and bid for available properties. We will try wherever possible to do this within 28 days.

Once your application has been validated, we will contact you confirming your details. You will then be able to browse and bid for available properties.

Making Changes to an Existing Application

If you have made changes to your application you may need to provide ID. If ID is required, we will write to you asking you to provide this. If we do require ID, this must be provided within 28 days of submitting your changes online. If this is not done, your application will be cancelled.

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