Housing Associations

Housing Associations

What is a Housing Association?

Housing Associations are independent social landlords which provide secure, affordable housing for people in housing need. There are around 18,000 Housing Association owned homes of all sizes and types in Sheffield. They are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing.

Which Housing Associations advertise through Sheffield Property Shop?

Housing Associations which use the Sheffield Property Shop to advertise and let some or all of their available homes are listed below:

How do I apply for a Housing Association home through Sheffield Property Shop?

You need to register with the Council’s Housing register and bid for Housing Association properties when they are advertised in the same way as you do for Council properties.

Can you apply to Housing Associations directly?

Some Housing Associations also accept direct applications for homes not advertised through Sheffield Property Shop.

If you apply directly to a Housing Association you do not need to be registered on the Council’s Housing Register.

You can apply directly to as many Housing Associations as you wish. You can also apply to Housing Associations and Local Authorities outside of Sheffield.

Which Housing Associations can I apply to directly?

There are two broad types of Housing Association homes - general housing for single people, couples and families, and housing for older people.

Below is a list of Housing Associations with homes in Sheffield:

General Housing

Housing for Older People

Housing for Ex-Service Personnel

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